1. All Tenderers to download Tender Advert for 2020-2021 for perusal and selecting the Tender number you are interested in.

2. Tenderers interested in CATEGORY A items i.e. from Tender number LDTTC/01/2020/2021 to LDTTC/21/2020/2021

               a) Download “Document One

               b) Download the specific Tender number price schedule document for filling and attach to                             “ Document One

3.Tenderers interested in CATEGORY B items (PRE-QUALIFICATION)  i.e. from Tender number LDTTC/22/2020/2021 to LDTTC/35/2020/2021 to download “Document One” only

4. Proceed as directed in the Tender Advert for 2020-2021 Document

Price Schedules

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