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Welcome to the Department of Quality Assurance and Standards at Lugari Diploma Teachers Training College.



To review and improve training standards through a system appraisal approach with a view to evaluate lecturer’s performance and promote professional development.



  • To provide quality education to teacher trainees in Lugari Diploma Teachers Training College

  • To give Lectures an opportunity to be observed during their lesson presentation for improvement.

  • To give lectures an opportunity to improve on their performance competence.

  • To analyze Lecturers’ performance gaps and provide support for professional development.

  • To maintain cumulative records of teaching and learning performance for decision making.

  • To provide for  their effective and consistent lecturer evaluation


This programme is a mandate of the Teachers’ Service Commission to monitor the conduct and performance of lecturers in the teaching service.


This programme was introduced by the Commission through an Open Performance Appraisal system for lecturers to strengthen supervision and continuously monitor their performance in curriculum implementation at institutional level.


This system if implemented will provide feedback, improve communication, and classify roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders within the College.


Therefore the College shall always administer this performance appraisal system.

  • It requires the Head of Department through the Principal to provide an oversight role in the performance appraisal for Lectures

  • Use performance appraisal reports for purposes of promotion, development and other rewards as may be prescribed from time to time.

  • Identify training needs and taking corrective measures in cases of unsatisfactory performance.

  • Develop and review conditions and tools for performance appraisal from time to time which shall be accessible in the College’s website or as the College shall advice.


Kisengo Samuel (Mr.)

S E N I O R   M A S T E R


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Mr. Kisengo Samuel



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