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This is a vibrant department tasked with complimenting mainstream subjects

for purposes of equipping trainees all roundly.



It aims at imparting key skills in projects management, environmental matters,

library matters and churning out morally upright trainees.



  • It aims at churning out teachers who observe basic environment factors so as to accommodate mankind

  • This department endeavors to produce entrepreneurial trainees who are capable of staring and managing income-generating projects.

  • These subjects equip trainees with norms and morals that are admirable and appreciated.

  • This is a Department that intends to achieve teachers who are conversant with record keeping and cataloging abilities in general information for reference.


Support subjects form a formidable base upon which all the disciplines anchor for purposes of churning our holistic human resource.


The department constitutes several subjects i.e. Guiding & Counselling, Library Science, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Studies, Business Studies, ICT etc that are key in as far conditions for graduating are concerned by policy.



Guiding and Counselling is a key integral part of mankind since situations, circumstances and general interactions generate stress, disorders, disenchantment and fatal outcomes.


The mind being likened to a rubber band if stretched cuts leading to undesirable manifestations.


Guided minds and guarded hearts produce desirable character, thoughts, inputs and general life lived.


Our Institution like other Institutions lays emphasis on Guiding and Counselling as a solution to a myriad occurrences that are not desirable.




Library Science is a subject that deals with the principles and practices of library administration.  It is an interdisciplinary subject incorporating the humanities, law and applied science to study topics related to libraries.  The topics include the collection , organization, preservation, emerging issues and dissemination of information resources among other.


The subject aims at equipping students with knowledge to;-

  • Recognize the role of libraries and other information systems in education

  • Disseminate and promote the use of information

  • Appreciate the role of ICT in library and information services

  • Promote the development of information centres


The subject equips learners with skills in cataloging book keeping, storage and inventory preparations.  This goes along way in equipping learners with organizational skills, order and reference creation which is key in maintaining material


This subject plays a central role in enabling Institutions churn out dependable, self-rolling and efficient teachers, hence its inclusion as a support subject.


This is a key subject upon which information collection, collation and data creation relies.  The information in various disciplines is foundational hence this subject plays a pivotal role in churning out relevant manpower.


Justus Sancha



Entrepreneurship is a wide subject area which cuts across all other disciplines offered.  Teacher trainees require entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for purposes of equipping us for relevance and progress socially and economically.


Since entrepreneurship is about always doing things differently, relevantly and efficiently, it qualifies the fact that we should at all times create something new of high value.


This subject forms a basis for rare thinking and reasoning to an extent that regardless of the environment we find ourselves we should be highly innovative, creative and opportunity developers.


Entrepreneurial mind is a mind that is exceptional, capable of sniffing opportunities and formulating ideas for purposes of creating a good and desirable life which is cheap and easy to live.


World over global economies hinge their social economic success to entrepreneurship for purposes of being in season, competent, efficient and responsive to human needs which are elastic (unlimited) in nature.


This subject is a basic requirement now in virtually all disciplines offered in higher learning Institutions since all endeavors are basically business i.e. Law, Medicine, etc.



Environmental studies entail surrounding in which Institutions exist.  This plays a pivotal role in determining quality of life, delivery of services and final product churned out of a learning Institution.

Environmental interacts with Instructors and learners to an extend of shaping up the character, emotional quotient and inherent clues in the players.


Working environment arising from Managers and general implementers of the curriculum play a key role in shaping attitudes in learners and instructors.


The physical environment which bring together all the equipment, shelter inter alia interplay to determine the level of skills and knowledge inherent in one.


The studies ideally form a basis upon which meaningful interactions occur for purposes of value addition mentally and physically as an a holistic human resource.


Premised on this, environment has to be enabling, friendly and rich in relevant provisions.




Business Studies is a discipline that cuts across all disciplines since it borrows from all other subjects in applications, approach and practice


Business Studies is tailored towards equipping a learner with a rare mind that aims at value additions in all that is done.


It recognizes efforts in terms of rewards that goes a long way to injecting positive attitude, enthusiasm and sense of belonging in Human Resources.  These values result into increased results, efficiency and quality in final product.


In the curriculum, it shapes and sharpens inherent values and talents in learners for purposes of creating competitive advantage.


In infusing Business Studies as a line in curriculum growth and development become real by-product in labour units.


Teachers therefore summarily get equipped in identifying available opportunities and turning them into investments for stop-gap measures and creating financial independence rather than relying on Government handouts that are dwindling with time.


As a department of Business Studies we are committed to not only covering Business syllabus but also informing our students on the market trends, Government policies and viable business opportunities and Government commitment towards empowering youth through various programmes.


We encourage our students to be vibrant towards realizing their economic stability through critically analyzing available opportunities and possibly investing in them in the near future.


Mr. Dominic M. Wachira




Information and Communication Technology is an integral discipline that cuts across all other disciplines by way of information sourcing, generation, dissemination, synthesis and storage. Teacher training programs in this country have been undergoing radical reform thereby making ICT a priority area for all teachers. The national ICT strategy is to modernize Kenya’s educational system using ICTs and expand access to education, training and research resources and facilities, as well as to improve the quality of education and training responsive to the needs and requirements of the economy and society with specific reference to the development of the information and  knowledge based economy and society.


The MoEST has acknowledged the need to reform the school curriculum with the emphasis shifting from knowledge reproduction to knowledge production and to make ICT central to it.



ICT is crucial in developing curriculum matters in various subjects and delivery of subject matter.



Based on the syllabus content, it equips learners with relevant skills that are of par with the contemporary requirements in our Society.  It equips learners with skills to visit and use content or several search engines like Google, download the content and even upload content as way of contributing to the body of knowledge.











Since the world is becoming a Global Village, ICT plays a key role in equipping learners with useful skills in communication and linking up with the rest of the world through electronic mail (e-mail) able to engage in online sourcing, purchasing and selling of goods and services through platforms like olx, cheki etc by the help of skills in electronic commerce (e-commerce)



This subject is crucial and mandatory for all as we become of age in ICT matters.


The college cannot afford to lag behind in ICT knowledge, acquisition, use and operations generally.  Therefore the College is equipping in terms of infrastructural development, manpower acquisition and general practice All these and much more makes ICT a compulsory two-year course at Lugari Diploma T.T.C.


Derrick Govedi


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Mr. Jesse Ongere Alima



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