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This is one of the largest sections and forms the backbone of the Social wellbeing of the Society. It’s the department that empowers the future professional teachers as better educational servants of the society who are also the conscience of the community well grooved with spiritual, mental, physical, psychological and environmental conscious skills.  



Physical Education (this is a living subject)

It will be a great injustice to the readers of this website to miss a word from this honorable phenomenon - Physical Education.

This mighty subject that I cherish goes beyond borders. It is not only academic in the teachers training process but also a life worth living in it’s own right. I need not stress that it is one of the core subjects that a teacher trainee in DTE  has to undertake. Each student has to learn Physical Education in first, second and third year of study. Simply put; it not optional, it is compulsory! The question is why has it been made compulsory to all? The answer is quite simple –it is the only one of it’s kind: physical in nature and part of the growth and development of the learner.Simply said it is part of living.


Many will be led to imagine that this thin subject is very difficult. Many will be misled to fear the subject. Granted. The subject has a wide range of activities .It is quite wide. The duration on offer is short and  a lot of factors eat into the teaching time .However, simply taking part in it’s activities makes it very easy .By doing it ,one is able to know it. To know physical education you simply need to do it.

I want to share with you my dear readers especially you my student and those aspiring to join of Physical Education, a few  reasons why we need physical Education :-

  1. You will be fit.

  2. You will undertake your responsibilities without undue fatigue.

  3. You will look great ,It  is (slim possible) brought to you free of charge.

  4. You will improve the way you perceive situations and people. You will be able to analyse a situation and act appropriately.

  5. You will be alert always.

  6. You will be innovative and creative.

  7. You will gain knowledge and skills to use for leisure, recreation and health activities.

  8. You will learn to live and work with others to succeed.

  9. You will feel that you belong. You will learn to  respect rules, others, authority and yourself.

  10. You will be able to maintain emotional stability-how to deal with winning and losing.

  1. You will be able to deal with negative emotions in a positive manner.

  2. You will be able to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad.

  3. You wont need to be directed all the level, You will direct yourself.

  4. You will be healthy-sound functioning of your systems, enchase hardships etc.

  5. You will earn yourself a coin or two or you will use the knowledge to earn.

  6. You will go places.

  7. you will be happy with  yourself and with your achievements, then you will pass D.T.E

Don’t you think it’s time to like and do Physical Education? This we achieve in conjunction with others like the department of games and sports. I Will not  say anything more the ball is in your court.


An Insight Into Games And Sports.

Welcome and share with me some insight in the department of games and sports in this Institution of excellence.  We are in the docket of the Dean of Student. We are mainly concerned with planning and managing intramural sporting activities and preparing our students for extra-mural competitions.


This department is headed by the games and sports coordinator together with the assistant games and sports coordinator who consult widely with coaches and trainers of the various sporting disciplines. This team is assisted by the student leaders in-charge  of games and sports led by the secretary of games and sports who work with the two assistant secretaries .This student’s team is greatly assisted by the student council and captains of the disciplines we offer. Our department plays an integral part in molding the student into a holistic teacher; one who has more to offer apart from the academic dimension. We expose students to many learning and living experiences through sports. We provide to them a perfect opportunity to enjoy themselves through entertaining activities. We give them opportunities to earn themselves genuine and valid certificates that put them in the first lane towards employment.


In conjunction with the Department of Physical Education we play a very crucial role in the teaching and learning of that very important subject in the life of our student and our student’s student. That is why the activities we engage in are known as Co-curricular. We belong to the Department of curriculum just as much as we belong to the Dean of Students dockets. Through our activities, students benefit immensely and their performance in Physical Education is enhanced positively. In fact a quick glimpse of shows that students active in Games  and Sports perform exemplary not only in Physical Education but in other subjects as well.


Being an inclusive department, we utilize the services of members of the academic and non teaching staff in coaching and training, we create a rapport with our student through staff versus student matches. A number of matches in tug of war and athletics 2017.We have also integrated the local community in our activities through coaching and competitions. We are an integral channel of conveying vital messages through sports. A good example is the annual community cultural week activities.


Achievements and Activities.

My dear readers, this article will be incomplete if I do not take you through some of our many achievements and worthwhile activities in the past one year .


September-November 2016 term.

We received approximately 170 freshers. The department through the coaches, captains and others identified talent from among them and incorporated them in the already existing teams. These teams were trained and exposed to competition situations in preparation for the sporting-season.


January-April 2017.

The department had all the teams exposed adequately towards the end of January 2017. We successfully had friendlies at Bishop Sulumeti Girls High School, where teams gauged themselves in readiness for the K.T.C.S.A western region ball games. In it teams compete in Netball, Handball, Volleyball and Soccer both males and females.


Eventually came from 24thfeb-27thfeb 2017 Kaimosi TTC hosted the western region ball games where eight Colleges participated in soccer, Basketball, hockey, Netball, Handball and volleyball Male and Female.  Only netball men managed to compete upto the finals with Eregi TTC..

The netball men were under the tutelage of Mr K. A. Kwaji and Rodgers Wafula as the captain .



May 2017-August 2017

This is the athletics season.The zoncely/regional were held in Eregi TTC between 5th-7th May 2017. The department presented 48 competitors. The College worked in seven events which proceeded to Thogoto TTC for nationals from 14th-20th May 2017.

  1. 1500M women by-Tereza Koech first year 2017

  2. 800M Women by –Grace Mugwe second year 2017

  3. 3000M Steeple chase women by –Tereza Koech first year 2017

  4. 5000M Women by –Tereza Koech first year 2017

  5. 3000M Steple chase men by-shadrack Kipkorir second year 2017

  6. 5000M Men by-Shadrack Kipkorir second year 2017

  7. Discus men by-Luke Wambulwa-second year 2017.

From the above the College got two bronze medals i.e.

  • 3000M Steeple chase and 5000M (Women)by Tereza Koech.

  • 800m_position 4 by Grace Mugwe.

  • 3000m_Streplecaze men position 5 by shadrack kipkeror

  • 1500m_women position 5 by Tereza koech.

  • 5000m_men position 6 by shadrack kipkeror.

Before the western region competition the 48 competitors opened early in April and trained effectively in readiness for the task.


The department has a lot to offer. I wish to express my gratitude to all who made us succeed. We hope to grow from strength to strength. We are in the process of making improvement to enhance service  delivery to all our clients and to improve the department in all its expectations. If you have a thought that can be help to us kindly share it with us.

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Mr.  Kwaji Alex Kivaji


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