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Lugari Diploma Teachers Training College, registered

by the Ministry of Education is currently the second

highest Public Government Training Institution based

in Western Kenya.  The Institution is located in Kakamega County,

Lugari Sub County, in Munyuki Sub-Location, approximately

35 kilometres from Eldoret on Uganda - Webuye Road, between Turbo Township and Kipkarren River Township, 4 km from the main Eldoret-Malaba road, in a serene and cool environment away from industrial and traffic pollution.  


The concept of starting a Public Teacher Training College was first mooted in 2013.   Lugari community was keen on having a Teacher Training College started in the sub county.  It was largely felt that the establishment of the College other than assisting students from all over Kenya would encourage students from the Secondary and Primary schools within the Constituency/County to uplift their performance, and also stir economic growth in the region.


It was an initiative of the Community through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and Ministry of Education. It is managed by a Substantive Board of Management appointed by the Cabinet Secretary – Ministry of Education. The College was cleared by The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) and received its first batch of students in September 2015/2016 Academic Year. Initial Officers included the first Principal Mrs. Anne Esese and the Deputy Principal Mr. Joseph Ngecho. They were later joined by other Lecturers.


Everyone is welcome at Lugari Diploma Teachers Training College. Call, visit, explore and have a look at the courses offered and find out if we have a programme suited for you or your loved ones.


Thank you.

 Anne A. Esese (Mrs.)




We feel privileged to have had the opportunity of starting Lugari Diploma

Teachers Training College as Pioneer Lecturers.  We also appreciate the

excitement and challenges that came along with the appointment.

As the Pioneer Deputy Principal, I should say that we initially faced

more challenges than opportunities.


Pioneering Challenges

  • First, the pioneer students seriously required guidance and reassurance that indeed they were in a Government Diploma college.  

  • Structures were lacking and this provided a wrong orientation for students since they did not have anybody from whom to bench-mark unlike in established Colleges where they would meet 2nd and 3rd years to orientate them.

  • The Lecturers were equally very few and for the first year, curriculum implementation was a challenge.

  • Indiscipline cases were rampant especially the taking of alcohol.  Some crafty students also took advantage of the void to give opportunistic reports to the Management.


Way Forward


  • We thank God for the far he has brought us.  We now have 12 fully established Departments, Committees and HOD’s.  The Discipline Committee has been useful in handling indiscipline cases.

  • The structure includes:-

    • The Principal’s office

    • The Deputy Principal’s office

    • The Dean’s office

    • Teaching Practice Dept

    • Kiswahili & Other Languages Dept

    • Support Subjects, Library, Guiding & Counselling Dept

    • Education Dept

    • English & Communication Skills Dept

    • Maths, Business Studies & ICT Dept

    • Humanities Dept

    • Creative Arts, Music, P.E., Games and Sports Dept

    • Performance Contracting Dept.


  • We invite prospective students to join us and together with the Dean’s office we promise to provide an environment that will enable teacher trainees not just to acquire pedagogical skills, but also sound moral values and attitudes necessary for life.


Mr. Joseph Ngecho


(Chief Principal Teacher)



It is a great pleasure to be a part of Lugari Diploma Teachers Training

College as it begins.  The process has been slow and sure. We thank

God for the far that he has brought us.


In the Academic Registrar’s office, our mandate is to ensure

that academic programmes run well through the year and

maintain accurate records and ensure compliance with curricular

requirements.  We shall endeavor to strive for integrity, accuracy and security of all academic programs and records.


Currently, Lugari Diploma T.T.C. trains teachers for the following subjects:-

  • English

  • Kiswahili

  • Geography

  • History

  • C.R.E.

  • Mathematics

  • Business Studies

  • Physical Education (P.E.)

Support subjects taught are:-

  • Education

  • Communication Skills

  • Library Science

  • I. C. T.

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Environmental Education

  • Guidance & Counseling



The Dean of Students office is the most central in the life of a student right

from the point of admission to the point of exit.  The Dean of Students office

generally handles all matters pertaining students welfare.


Upon admission of students, the Dean of students office prepares an

orientation programme in liaison with the Principal’s office and other officers

of the College.  The programme is meant to guide students on college life and

the challenges ahead. It is during this programme that students are issued with

College programmes, rule and routines as well as regulations.


The booklet on rules and regulations contains the ‘dos’ and ‘don'ts’ while at College; hence outlines the rewards and penalties when one does the contrary.


It is during the orientation programme or period that the new students get introduced to staff; both teaching and non teaching and where to get the essential services both curriculum and no curriculum; tuition areas and accommodation as well as catering services.  It is during such occasion that freshers are free to query and understand critical issues pertaining College life.


Apart from mounting an elaborate  orientation programme, the office also carries out the following essential service in the life of a student;-

  1. Placement in hostels: each student with an admission number is entitled to allocation in a given hostel male or female.  They sign for a mattress and bed of which they are expected to maintain.

  2. Guidance and counseling programme:  The office mounts guidance and counseling programmes meant to assist students to counter challenges that may affect their life at College like peer pressure, drugs and substance abuse and relationships.  Students are placed under families where each has a College mother or father drawn from the teaching staff. They meet occasionally to discuss academic and social issues

  3. Games and Sports: Though the facilities are limited, students are encouraged to participate in games and sports.  Our students have picked up well as we were able to represent teams up to nationals from the region (in netball and athletics)  The rest of the teams like soccer, hockey, volleyball and handball lost narrowly at the regionals at Eregi TTC.

  4. Student Representative Council (SRC):  The Dean of Students office prepares students for democratic elections where they elect their leaders in various capacities.  After elections student leaders are well inducted in leadership. This year, they were taken to Nakuru for induction where they were taken through leadership skills by high ranking facilitators. The three National Diploma Colleges brought their student leaders under one umbrella for the workshop.  This year also the College witnessed peaceful elections supervised by teaching staff. Being a National Public Institution that receives students from across the country, the College incorporates national cohesion.

  5. Health Services:  Students who have health challenges are assisted from within as the College has hired a qualified medical staff to handle sick cases.  More serious cases are referred appropriately to other medical facilities outside the College.

  6. Catering Services:  The College facilities are still lean but the available kitchen and dining hall serves students well.  The kitchen staff is up to the task and the meals are of high quality according to the College menu. Students with dietary challenges are also identified and served accordingly.  The queue system is used and students encouraged to use the meal cards for ease of service.

  7. Clubs and Societies:  Students are encouraged to join a club and society of their choice.  Apart from the academic subject areas, they also join drama and music which they have participated well upto the National level.  The college is under District Education Board, hence freedom of worship is exercised. The societies include Christian Union, Young Christian Students (YCS), Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) as well as Muslim Society.  Each Society is under a staff member as patron with students as officials. Each of the above groups has been allocated a room where they meet on their given day.

  8. Leave of absence from College:  A student wishing to be away from College is free to obtain a leave out either short by the staff on duty or long leave by the Dean of Students.  Those who wish to apply for leave under maternity are also asked to go through the same process, but this falls under deferral cases.


From the above information, it can be observed that the Dean of Students office is quite instrumental in the life of a student at College.  The Officers in the office have to go an extra mile in order to serve the students adequately and effectively, including weekends where on of them has to be in office to attend to students needs.


Currently, the officers in the office are:

  1. Mr. David Apwoka - Deputy Dean

  2. Mrs. Lornah Aseka - Ass. Dean (Catering)

  3. Mrs. Agness Mungai Boarding


Mr. Amos Ambuyo left the service after retirement. He had served the College for 3 years as Dean.  As an office we wish him well as he served the College with zeal and dedication to the last minute as the pioneer Dean.

The other officers of the College, right from the Chief Principal, Deputy Principal, Registrar, Heads of Departments and all Lecturers deserve special commentating for enabling the Dean’s office to serve students well for they provide the necessary links, expertise and consultancy services at al times, hence without them the Dean’s office cannot achieve its objectives of effective service to all.


May the Lord reward you richly.


Apwoka. D. K. (Mr.)


Deputy Principal.PNG
Academic Registrar.PNG
Dean of Students.PNG



Mr. Joseph Ngecho N.




APWOKA. D. K. (Mr.)

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